Join the exclusive And Heart Retreats

Going on an And Heart retreat is retreating away from your everyday life with a small group of likeminded women.

We’ll do profound work to connect to your heart’s intelligence on a deep and personal level, to create a transformation in your life.

Join us in Ibiza September 20 – 25, 2020

Explore your Heart away from home

In those intimate and
luxurious retreats we bring it to a whole other level. You’ll dive deep into the experience of your heart intelligence and how you show up as a leader in your personal and professional life. Far away from your everyday life we create a space in which you can develop yourself as a wholehearted daring leader to a next level.

The retreats will take place in a beautiful place, somewhere in Mediterranean Europe.

Retreat mediterranean Europe

Leave your e-mailaddress if you’re interested in joining the first And Heart Retreat.

    Explore your Heart and it’s intelligence far away from home. The first And Heart Retreat will happen in 2020.